Third Lanark

Broadcast on BBC ALBA in 2018.

Third Lanark reflects on the club’s illustrious history, a past that includes both Scottish Cup and League title success, as well as examining the five years of mismanagement under chairman Bill Hiddelston who had taken control of the “Hi Hi” in 1962. Former players and their relatives will relive the extraordinary demise of a club that at its peak attracted 40,000 fans to Cathkin Park.

Featuring interviews with former Third Lanark players, their families, and supporters of the club, the film is also supported by match action, including some rarely seen footage. Crucially, the film also draws on evidence gathered from the Board of Trade enquiry, which concluded that the club was an ‘inefficient and unscrupulous one man-business’ in the years leading to its cataclysmic collapse.

The film features interviews with former players Mike Jackson, Evan Williams, Ian and Dave Hilley and John Kinnaird as well as relatives of former players, sports historians Andy Mitchell and Ken Gibb.

Writer/ Producer / Director: Margot McCuaig

Filmed: Gavin Hopkins

Editor: Kenny Park

Narrator: Alex O’Henley