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East Lighthouse, Rathlin Island.

We worked on this wonderful project about the East Lighthouse on Rathlin Island, which is one of three lighthouses on the island. Rathlin is the only habited island in Northern Ireland and is home to around 150 people. The lighthouses have formed a integral role in island life so we were thrilled to produce a film on behalf of the island’s Oral History Group about the role of one lighthouse keeper, Noel McCurdy.

Oral history, industry led projects

We’ve been working with a number of global commercial partners, delivering projects capturing the incredible history of their employees and their journey in the workplace, gathering narratives from across the business. It’s never too early to be thinking of history.

Creating an archive of interviews on film, drawn from the stories of people with lived experience, will form an important part of your company’s present as well as its future.

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