Our director, Margot McCuaig, was thrilled to be invited to speak at the Dunfermline College of Physical Education Old Students’ Association (DCPEOSA) AGM in Edinburgh recently. It was a fabulous opportunity to catch up with some very important former students; Kit Smith, Valerie Sinclair and Jennifer Allan.


Kit Smith, Margot McCuaig, Valerie Sinclair, Jennifer Allan


The three former students, along with Alix Jamieson (who unfortunately was unable to attend the AGM), featured in Margot’s documentary film for BBC ALBA, Cold War Hockey. They were all key players in the Scotland international hockey team who played in Berlin against West Germany in 1961.

Margot, as well as being an award winning documentary filmmaker, is also researching and writing an autoethnography PhD examining gender, class and emotion in her films and how this relates to her own experiences of each. At the AGM, she spoke about her journey from a working class girl who embraced sport but got frustrated by the lack of opportunities for women, to becoming a filmmaker making films about sport, focusing on the role of gender, and of course, more specifically in this context, the Cold War Hockey film. Following her presentation, Margot did a Q & A with the amazing stars of the film, and opened up the floor to the audience who had some fantastic questions.


The Q & A at the AGM

Cold War Hockey was nominated for a bronze torc of excellence by the Celtic Media Festival. The film didn’t win but it was incredible to make the shortlist of such a prestigious international award.

Thank you to the DCPEOSA committee for inviting Margot along to speak. It was a wonderful afternoon, and fabulous to catch up with old friends!


Here’s a wee preview of Cold War Hockey, in case you haven’t managed to watch it yet.